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Baron's Select Cider

Baron’s Select Hard Cider by Dutch Creek Winery are about balance, about honoring long standing traditions while incorporating new ideas, and about honoring those that came before us.

Our lineup of hard ciders balance old world flavors with new world ideas. The New England Cider draws on the traditions of locally made, on-farm produced, hard ciders common in New England with notes of flavors from old England itself. The right level of sweetness balanced with just a touch of old world charm result is a light, refreshing cider whose balance will leave you wanting more no matter where you are heading.

Our Southern Sweet Tea Cider grew out of our many trips south, where a slower pace of life and warmer weather require a balance of flavors no matter what you are doing, even if it is just sitting on a rocking chair on a shady front porch. With a gentle level of sweetness and a hint of rich slow-brewed tea, this cider will both refresh your palette while keeping you tapping your toes in the dappled southern sunshine no matter where you are.

The West Coast Chia Tea Cider is truly a combination of flavors that both wake up your sense. The flavor traditions of the East meet the imagination and dreams of the West and born out of this partnership is a very unique hard cider. Combining these two different worlds took some time and some balance, but the results will have you wondering why it took so long for this daydream to become reality. A little bit spicy, a little bit sweet, the spices in this cider combined with rich apple flavors will give you a hug of flavors that will remind you of home no matter where you are from. 


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New England Style Dry Hard Cider
Sweet Tea Hard Cider

Chai Cider

Mint Julep

Apple Harvest

Dutch Creek Winery specializes in mead, cider and fruit wines_
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