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Our Wines

Dutch Creek Winery specializes in both sweet and dry honey and fruit wines that are well-balanced making them perfect for pairing with meals, cocktails and even to cook with. All of our honey wines have honey from our own bees.

All of our wines and Baron’s Select hard ciders are house made on premise by the owners.

We also have house made non-alcoholic honey sodas in 2 flavors: Lavender Lemonade and Mint Ginger.


American Mead
This quintessential American honey wine will elevate any occasion. Combining all of the flavors of a deep and rich local honey with the diversity of local wild flowers on which our bees graze, this honey wine is great for any event or any gathering, from a July 4th picnic to a fall football game, this honey wines is just the right tough. Never too sweet as other honey wines may be, never out of place or out of touch, American Mead is the honey wine that is just right for anytime and is best enjoyed wherever
freedom from the boring and liberty from the conventional is thirsted for.

Commonwealth’s Revenge
Like a big warm hug from an old friend, this mead combines the subtle sweetness and complexity of a full flavored honey wine with the big bold, deep richness of a classic bourbon. From the spiciness of the grains used to make a great Kentucky bourbon to the richness and vanillas developed over time from the barrel aging process, this wine brings together the fullness of a dry white table wine with the richness and smoothness that only comes from barrel aging. Perfect as a dinner wine or when toasting
good times in the company of friends and family.

Royal Affair
Tantalizing with a tongue tingling combination of tea and bergamot spice, this Honey Wines started with real brewed Earl Grey tea combined with local honey produced by small bee keepers across our area and is turned into a summer time treat that can be enjoyed any time of the year. The sweet smell of bergamot combines with the zing of fresh tea to produce a great occasion any time of year, weather it is served cold on a warm summer day at a picnic and pool party or at when served warmed as one site by a winter fired with friends and family.

Peach Blush
This refreshing honey wine will remind you of a summer peach picked fresh from the tree at the height of its ripeness. Tender and juices, we capture that spirit and combine it all the flavors of Catawba grapes to give you the taste of a summer afternoon all year ‘round. With just the right level of sweetness and complexity, it is the entire summer season in a bottle.

Cherry Lime
Who can say no to cherry pie? We certainly could not and when we married the sweet-tart flavors of classic pie cherries with a little lime for balance, we knew we had a hit. This wine will remind you of a July 4 th cookout, and pairs well with sharp cheeses and dark chocolates.

Blueberry Lemon
A classic combination of flavors, they did not disappoint when they were brought together to make one of our bestselling wines. The richness of the blueberries complement the lively lemon flavors to produce a wine that is sophisticated yet approachable, that is classic yet modern, that is as great at a dinner party as it is on a quiet patio as the sun sets and the moon rises.

Black Diamond Sangria
As the blackberries tango with the Diamond grapes, you will know that you have met your match. This easy porch sipper is both slightly sweet and with the hint on citrus notes dancing on your tongue, a little sassy at the same time. This jazzy little favorite is meant to keep you dancing all night long, as you will never grow tired of dance routine and as you continue to discover the different layer of flavors, you know it will keep your up with whatever song plays next.

Strawberry Dreams
We combine the sweetness of spring strawberries with the richness of Cayuga grapes to produce a well-balanced sweeter wine that works as well on its own by the glass or when paired with a great meal. The deep rich flavors of the ripe strawberry are well balanced with the playful richness of the Cayuga grapes, making a sweeter wine that is truly fine at any time.

Autumn Harvest - Seasonal Only
Who can resist the feel and smell of freshly picked apples being pressed into fresh cider at the local cider house? We capture that moment and take the best apple cider ever and combine it with other rich fall flavors to provide you with a semi-dry autumn delight that is as bright and refreshing as the sun on a bright autumn afternoon and a flavor that is a diverse and complete as the colors that nature uses each fall to paint the frees and color the landscape.

Winter Spice - Seasonal Only 

The flavors of the season, from apple and oranges to cranberries and spice, this mead will make your season festive and bright. It does not matter if you were naughty or nice, this honey wine will bring you back to a magical time no matter how you enjoy it. No matter if you enjoy this spiced wine slightly warmed at a holiday gathering of friends or alone while enjoying a quiet moment while watching the snow fall quietly on the trees in mid-winter, this lightly spiced honey wines will make you’re your season

Dutch Creek Winery specializes in mead, cider and fruit wines.
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